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Microsoft Edge Introduces Tracking Prevention In Upcoming Update

Tyler Lee 28 Jun 2019

In case you did not know, there are many websites that track you. This is mainly for advertising purposes where these ads can track users across multiple websites to better discern your browsing and shopping habits. Naturally, some people aren’t too comfortable with that which is why some companies have built in anti-tracking features, such as Apple did with Safari.


Mozilla takes swipe at Chrome with 'Track THIS' project

Gregg Keizer 27 Jun 2019

Mozilla is pushing Firefox's latest (and long-delayed) anti-ad tracking efforts, saying it protects user privacy better than Google's Chrome.


The dangers of data collection

Andy Smith FBCS CITP 26 Jun 2019

Data mining is being used to target individuals, both by advertisers and organised crime. Andy Smith FBCS CITP examines the role played by data aggregation.


Guide to Local SEO in 2019

Peter Devereaux 24 Jun 2019

Local SEO has been around for quite some time, but it’s now more important than ever, and rightly so. As much as ‘general’ SEO is great for your business, if you’re a small or medium business without a local SEO strategy, you’re losing out big time.


The 25 most exciting announcements from E3 2019, the biggest video game showcase of the year.

Dave Smith 12 Jun 2019, 8:48 AM.

In the heart of Los Angeles, the biggest gaming companies in the world are in town to unveil new games coming out soon, games in development, and even new hardware to support those experiences.


Tetris celebrates 35 years.

At 35, Buzz Aldrin had rocketed to the moon, Robert Louis Stephenson had written The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, while astronomer Frederic William Herschel had invented the contact lens. On World Tetris Day, 6 June 2019, the block rotating computer game will celebrate its 35th birthday. But, just what is the enduring attraction of this iconic computer game?


Web performance secrets from the BBC.

Jamie Knight reveals the techniques the BBC uses to speed up its site and help users flow from one page to the next


What is 5G and how does it work?

Martin Cooper MBCS explores the advances in 5G technology with top telephony experts – and finds out what the future holds for consumers, businesses and robots.


7 steps to a solid UX strategy.

By Neil Pearce (Web Designer) May 02, 2019 Web design.

Plan your user experience requirements around user goals and stakeholder business strategies to ensure success.


Machine learning and the rise of the 'citizen data scientist'.

The International Data Corporation estimates that worldwide data volume could rise by 61% by 2025. To cope with the increase, Nathan Korda, Director of Research at Mind Foundry, believes humanised machine learning platforms will offer solutions for business owners - or the new 'citizen data scientists'.


Colour in web design: all you need to know.

By Joss Cook (Web Designer) April 04, 2019 Web design.

Are you making the most of colour in your designs?

The success of any piece of visual communication depends on colour. Research into the impact of colour in marketing tells us that it takes the average person just 90 seconds to make a subconscious decision about a product, and that 62-90 per cent of those decisions are based on colour alone.



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